How To NOT Dress Like A Mom: LulaRoe Carly

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Recently, I had a good friend approach me about doing a review/”how to style” post about a new dress she was carrying. She was crazy. I am not a fashion expert by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t even abide by most fashion “rules”, in fact I break them on purpose most of the time. My personal style is classic with some funky and different tossed in the mix to keep people guessing. But, I also like to be comfortable and not take 3 hours to get ready for the day. Hence, the pixie cut. I wear what makes me smile, which is what fashion should be about. Unless eating an entire pint of ice cream and wearing sweat pants on a date makes your inner fashionista smile… In that case, just because something makes you smile doesn’t mean you should do it. Or, at least not every day…

So, I’ve decided to start a monthly post.

How to NOT dress like a mom

How to NOT dress like a Mom

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING A MOM. I am a mother. It is my greatest calling in life. But, before I became a mother, I was Melanie. I am still Melanie and will be forever. And Melanie likes Hot Pink Stilettos, dang it! Being a mother shouldn’t define a woman’s style. Her likes and personality should. That is my meaning behind the title, before someone decides to toilet paper my house because I’m mocking “mom style”. Which, shouldn’t even be a style. Your style is YOU, and YOU happen to be a Mother. End Rant.

There will be no fashion forward, fancy photography here peeps. I don’t take myself seriously enough for that nonsense. Having my husband take my picture was plenty nonsense for me. And I love me some good nonsense. So, I’ve sprinkled my own brand of sarcastic fashion all over this post. I do hope you’ll forgive me.

Lularoe: “Carly”

Megan and Shelley sent me one of LuLaRoe‘s NEW dress styles, the “Carly”(*I received the dress at no cost to me in exchange for my HONEST mommy opinion.*). I opened the package up and immediately loved the “heathered” navy color of the dress. Personally, I love to mix classic looking pieces with fun & funky accents, so I knew it would work for my style. The fabric was really soft, as are most of the LuLaRoe fabrics I’ve seen before. A+ so far in my book.

LulaRoe Carly with Vans

Wearing sneakers with dresses always seems whimsical to me. I think it is a great way to be funky & feminine at the same time. The Carly looked adorable with my favorite Floral Vans! I had to make it more “Melanie” by throwing on an animal print button down shirt. An added plus: It dried really quickly when I spilled water on it while doing dishes!

LulaRoe Carly Wedge sandals

This dress was so comfortable. Throw on a pair of wedge sandals with some fun earrings and you’re ready to go to church or just hide on the front porch and eat peanut butter while reading about angsty teenage vampires(Or another book… suit yourself, no judgement here.)! So relaxing. Especially when you have a hamster grave right behind you(See my left shoulder.), it really helps one get in the mood to read a vampire book, just saying.

LuLaRoe Carly Dress

The Carly is a “Swing Dress”. It is also longer in the back than it is in the front.(FOR SIZING REFERENCE:  I am 5’3″, the XXS I was sent came just above my kneecap. I normally wear a size 4-6. The XXS fit me just fine, I would say I could also wear an XS without looking like I’m wearing a circus tent.) The dress has plenty of extra fabric to tie a knot in it without it seeming ridiculous. Ta-Da! It’s a shirt! Put on some skinny jeans, some ankle boots, and you’re set. Also, very comfortable. I was worried the knot would annoy me or feel awkward, it didn’t! The only awkward thing was my 12 year old’s hair. Someone needs a haircut…

How to dress up Lularoe Carly dress

When I saw the dress, I knew I wanted to try to “dress it up”. Ask anyone who knows me, I cannot stand things that aren’t multi-taskers. The same holds true for my clothes. I need an item to be able to work in lots of situations or I just don’t have the patience for it(My uterus is falling out, I don’t got time for that.). Nor will I spend the money on it in the first place. Also, going back to having your style be “YOU”, I wanted to “edge” this dress up a little. These adorable booties were my inspiration. Then I grabbed a Moto-style jacket from my closet, some statement jewelry, and my signature “Faux-Hawk”. I seriously could have worn this outfit all day and run errands in it. How awesome to be that comfortable on a night out?!

lularoe carly dress casual

This dress was also really comfy for playing tug-of-war with a gigantic dog! Super twirly, totally helps when you need to run for your life or when you get knocked down on your backside with a huge animal on top of you. Not that I know from experience. I’m just assuming…

Final say

The Carly is definitely a great pick to have in your “Non-Mom” closet! Easy to wear and really versatile. LuLaRoe clothing is simple to care for as well. I washed it and then hung it to dry. Easy peasy, Lemon squeezy!

Make sure you click here to go to Megan & Shelley’s Facebook Page and get 10% OFF your order! Remember to comment “Sold, (your email address), MD” on the items you want to purchase to get your discount! Megan and Shelley will take great care of you! They have a great selection of other beautiful LuLaRoe items as well!

What are your favorite ways to show your personality in your personal wardrobe? How do you keep your fashion identity while chasing your littles around town? Comment below and share your thoughts!











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8 thoughts on “How To NOT Dress Like A Mom: LulaRoe Carly

  1. Megan says:

    I can not express how happy this makes me! 😍 It’s everything I dreamed and more! You are EXACTLY what wanted because you’re you and you’re amazing and awesome and I’ll stop there in fear of you’re head getting too big and you falling over. But you’re “normal” I put the in quotes because you and I both know you’re really not lol but I mean you’re a busy mom, with normal busy mom problems. You’re an everyone day woman that like you said things need to be practical and have multiple uses otherwise they are useless. That’s who I needed because that’s who my customers are! We are normal everyone women! We need practical clothes that help make us look and feel amazing! That remind us that yes like you said motherhood is the greatest calling but it’s is not what defines us. We are still an individual and worth celebrating! I’m SOOO happy you agreed to do this from the bottom of my heart thank you Melanie! 😘 Ok now we can go back to insults 😂

    • fourboys5 says:

      Hooray!!!! You’re awesome woman! Love your face! Back to the insults… You smell like stinky cheese. But, stinky cheese is delicious…

    • fourboys5 says:

      Ros- Lula Roe is great! Make sure you check out Megan & Shelley’s page! Thank you for reading! Hope you come back again! 🙂

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