Meet the “Four Boys”


Buddy. Number one child. Loves science. Loves to make everyone laugh(no clue where he gets that from). Best big brother that ever was.

Hulk. Middle child. Loves giving hugs. Loves the color green. Makes everyone around him smile and get nervous all at the same time.


Tornado. Baby child. Loves to eat. Loves to run and never stop. He keeps us on our toes and scares us to death daily.

Captain. Husband. Loves to swim. Loves to make inappropriate jokes. Loves his family. He is our best friend and our hero.


Clarabelle. Loves to slobber. Loves her little people. She is their furry Newfoundland sister from another mister.

*No, these are not their actual names(Except Clarabelle. We really did name our dog after the cow on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.). Gotta keep my peeps safe from random creepers. If you’re not a creeper, my apologies.  But, just know that their names suit them. Trust me. And if you are a creeper, be gone.*