Top 10 Gifts for BOYS: Gifts they will actually LOVE and KEEP for Years to come!

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Christmas is just around the corner! As a mom of boys, I try so hard to find gifts for them each year that they will love and keep playing with for longer than a few days. Every parent understands the struggle. You spend all kinds of money on gifts, they’re excited, play with it for a few minutes, and then end up playing in the box it was packaged in. True story. It’s enough to make Santa want to skip your house completely next year.

Twelve years after I started this crazy Boy Rodeo, I feel like I can offer some decent advice on Boy Gifts.

Top 10 best gifts for boys*This post contains affiliate links. For more info, click on my disclosure page.*

In order for a Gift to make my list, it had to pass 2 Tests:

First, it has to be something they will love!

Not just for a few minutes, days, or months. It has to get serious use. For multiple years. all of these gifts are things that my boys remember and will remember playing with when they are 33 years old. You know; like those Polly Pockets, Micro Machines, Lincoln Logs, or Care Bears. All things we had and wish we would have kept for our kids to play with. That’s how awesome these gifts have to be.

Second, it has to withstand the “Boys are destroyers of everything” test.

This is totally a thing, people. Boys are rough on stuff. Or, at least mine are. They just don’t know how to love soft. Everything on this list has withstood a large amount of abuse and survived, or at least stood it’s ground for a very long time. Nothing is more frustrating as a parent than spending the time and money to pick out a great gift, only to have it break a month later. Or, if it’s an electronic device, 2 days after the warranty expires. Yep. It’s happened to us all. None of that is allowed up in here.

I have tried my best to find the EXACT items we have. When I couldn’t locate the exact item, I found the one most similar to the items we own and I made sure it has received great reviews as well. I also tried to find the best price I could for you! Make sure to shop through the  RED LINKS if you can, that helps me out a ton! Amazon is my Go-To now. I skip the chaos of Christmas Shopping and still get done what I need. I have honestly done 90% of my shopping online this year and am loving it.

Top 10 Gifts For Boys:

  1. Color Tiles: Shape Mags

Top 10 gifts for boysHulk received a set of these for Christmas when he was 5. He loved them so much he asked for more a few months later on his birthday.

All of our boys have spent countless hours building (and smashing) castles, robots, cars, and everything under the sun with these. I may have spent an hour building a really epic castle with them once. A tear or two may have been shed when Tornado came bounding into the playroom only to smash it and walk away.

We have had them for 3 years now. We probably have close to 200 pieces. In that time, ONE piece has broken. Even that one piece wasn’t broken completely. It was stepped on and cracked, causing the magnet to shift. I was able to fix it easily. The link is to the set most similar to the one we purchased for his birthday after realizing how much Hulk loved them. It is the same brand, some of the pieces are slightly different shapes, that is the only difference.  The price is awesome. I researched these things a ton before purchasing the first set. The quality and the price are unmatched. End of story.

2. Legos


I know. Duh.  I hate stepping on them as much as you do, trust me. But, the benefits outweigh my rage as a mother with sore feet and a messy house. They are creating something and using their imagination! Using math! Engineering their own creations. It cannot get better than that.

Plus, I LOVE Legos. I love building with my boys. I love building without my boys. When they get a brand new set, I always try to find a way to be the parent who gets to help them assemble it. “I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!” Every. Single. Time.

Even Buddy, our 12-year-old still loves them. He helped us pick out this exact set for his brother this year. Hulk is getting this same set for Christmas! Shhh!! If I can give him Minecraft without a screen, I will do it. I love the jungle feel of the set and my husband thought the waterfall looked, “Sweet”.

Legos are amaze-balls. If you’re a hater, I’m so sorry. I hope you find your happiness elsewhere. I choose to find mine in tiny blocks that last so long my 20-year-old brother handed HIS OWN down to my oldest son when he was 5 and we STILL have them. Build On.

3. Wooden ABC Blocks

top 10 gifts for boysBoys or not. Every house should have a set of these. Buddy was playing with them from the time he could crawl up until a few days ago when he  had them flying across the playroom with a catapult he had built. The possibilities are endless!

My boys chewed on them as babies and all of them still play with them to this day. This set is almost identical to the set I bought 12 years ago. It has a drawstring bag, just like the set I have. Love that part. I’m all about everything having a place to hide.

They last through the abuse inflicted on them by building and destroying boys. Even Clarabelle has gotten a hold of a few and she hasn’t done too much damage. They are a must have for every house hold and this set is an awesome price!

4. Nerf Guns

top 10 gifts for boysPlease don’t shoot me. *Pun intended* I know some of you may be “anti toy gun” and I totally respect that. But, those of you who aren’t can listen up.

From age 3 up to 35 and beyond, boys will play with these. They’re running around, strategizing, laughing, and learning to be good sports. I, personally, have zero qualms with this. Boys need to learn the difference between playing and real life anyway.

NOT ALL NERF GUNS ARE EQUAL! I am not throwing a blanket approval over all Nerf Guns. We have had some real duds. In my experience, bigger is not better. It may be fun to shoot a gun the size of your 8 year old brother, but you can’t run around with it and it takes different darts than the rest. That is my pet peeve. I don’t like having to buy 3 kinds of darts in order to have a Nerf battle of epic proportions. I want universal darts.

It’s all about the small and medium-sized blasters. They are portable, don’t take up a ton of storage space, take the “normal” darts, and don’t tend to break as easily. This model is one we have had and love. My husband even “modified” one with a buddy at work several years ago. The boys fought over that baby, because it shot faster. Ugh.

Told you. They’ll play with them forever. Don’t fight it. You can’t win. Just get a better blaster and join in.

5. Pixar Die Cast Cars

top 10 toys for boysOur middle son LOVED these! We now have quite a collection that continues to grow now that Tornado has discovered and enjoys them as well.

More than any other Die Cast car we have ever had, these are constantly played with. Over time, the paint is chipped and part of Mater‘s tow cable is missing. But, that doesn’t stop the boys  from playing with them one bit.

On occasion you can find them in Target. A few years ago they were easier to find. They are worth the effort though!

These are probably one of the toys I will keep for Hulk to give to his children someday. That is how much he has loved them and still does today.

6. Sit N Spin

top 10 gifts for boysBest nausea inducing toy ever! I had one as a little girl. My brothers and sisters and I loved it. My boys all play with it still, whether they should or not. I’m fairly certain it wasn’t made for a 12-year-old to stand on and spin as fast as he can.

But, no matter how many times I think it’s about to break, it hasn’t. They still drag it out of the playroom to the wood floor because it “goes faster” on the hard surface. In fact, Tornado has this exact one out there as I’m typing.

It’s a classic. Whenever my boys have friends over to play, someone plays with it. It’s not a toy that gets ignored. Who passes up an opportunity to spin in a circle until you wanna puke?!

7. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe: Tikes Patrol

top 10 toys for boysThis little Cozy Coupe has seen some serious love over the past 6 years. Aside from a few stickers peeling off, it is still kicking.

ALL of our boys STILL play with it! Yes, even the 12-year-old and the 8-year-old. Granted, they use it to ride down hills while laying on the roof or have the dog pull them around while standing on it.

The abuse it has withstood is incredible. Yet, it’s still ready when Tornado wants to hop inside and play with it the way it was meant to be played with. You know, riding inside of it. Like a civilized human boy, rather than a crazy ape child.

This is the EXACT model we have and it is on a GREAT SALE now through Amazon!

8. Plasma Car

top 10 best toys for boysThese things are so much fun! Yes, I know from experience. It happened. I rode it. It was a blast.

My in-laws bought one of these for all of the grandchildren several years ago. We had ours for probably 5 years before it went to the great beyond. It was abused and battered. A grown 200+ pound man rode it on multiple occasions. Not taken very good care of. Yet, it still lasted 5 years.

Even though this toy broke, I would buy it in a heartbeat. While we had it, it was honestly used almost every day. I will probably be buying another for the crazy toddler this coming year. This is the same one we had, just slightly updated.

9. Bop It

top 10 toys for boysThis toy has been revamped and changed so much over the years. But, every time it’s still great. I still remember the original 90’s version! Now, it’s a little more streamlined and less clunky to pass around.

We have had the version just before this most current model for probably 5-6 years now. It is still played with often! I’m pretty sure I’ve never changed the batteries. The kids love to play it. Even the crazy baby is starting to try his hand at “bopping it”! It’s a fun activity for a family game night or for friends to play together as it has a group function as well as the “solo” version. It has withstood a fair amount of tossing around as well. It’s still Bopping!

10. BMX Bike/Skateboard Ramp

top 10 gifts for boysI know, I’m giving some of you a heart attack right now.

Years ago our oldest saved up his OWN MONEY for a bike ramp very similar to this one. He originally had 2 of the ramps and a “table top”(Whatever it’s called.) that went between the two.

The ramp has seen years of serious abuse. From being left outside all the time, jumped on, ridden up by grown men, and drawn on with lots of sidewalk chalk. The one thing that killed off one of the ramps was Buddy having the bright idea to ride his insanely heavy pro pogo stick on it. busted a hole right through it. I could have told him that was a bad idea. But, nobody asks Mom before they do questionable things, otherwise questionable things wouldn’t happen.

Despite the casualty, we still have one ramp. Which he uses on a weekly basis. All of our boys use it. Yes, I’m “that mother”. I throw a helmet on the toddler and he tries his best to keep up. Usually not even making it to the top of the ramp, so have no fear. This model seems to be very similar to the one we have left and has good reviews. Just don’t try bouncing up it with a pogo stick.

Happy holiday shopping!

I truly hope this list helps you! I know I have spent countless hours narrowing choices down between gifts to give our boys. Hopefully this list can help you and your friends save some time and money this season! Please share to help others save some time and energy this year! More time to focus on the true reason for the season and more time to spend with family is never a bad thing!

Feel free to comment with any questions you have about any of the items listed or any other gift giving questions! I’m full of unsolicited advice, but I prefer to keep it trapped until solicited…

What are some of your kids favorite toys they have kept and still play with? Share with us in the comments! I do not discriminate, I love to hear about girly toys too. Someday I will use the information to buy hoards of pink things for my 21 granddaughters!










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26 thoughts on “Top 10 Gifts for BOYS: Gifts they will actually LOVE and KEEP for Years to come!

  1. Megan says:

    We get Lettie something similar to the shape mags called Magformers. She LOVES them!!! They keep her busy for hours!!! It’s one of those toys I can’t feel bad about buying, kind of like books because it’s good for her! She loves to build and create.

    • fourboys5 says:

      They are so awesome! She will play with them for years, even I love to play with them! When toddlers don’t destroy my creations…

  2. Shann Eva says:

    I am also a boymom to three wild ones. This is a really great list. Definitely going to be getting more Legos, and I love the magnetic things too. Not sure I’m quite ready for the bike ramp! 🙂

  3. Christine says:

    My SiL just said to get her 9 month old son wooden blocks so I’ll for sure be getting him these ones because that is an awesome price! The plasma car is also a MUST have!

  4. Stacy- Taylor411 says:

    I love how they had to pass 2 test, those test are really important for a mom of boys. We have the mater toy and my son loves it, he is always playing with it. Thanks, this list is very helpful!

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